Certified course on

Works Contract Under GST &

Implications of GST in Real Estate

5 Live Sessions of 2 hours each, starting from 16th August 2020
Timings: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Day: All Live sessions will be conducted on Saturday & Sunday

Price: Rs. 2199/- Rs. 1,999/- (including GST)
Exclusive early bird price for a limited time period

  • Background Material
  • Recorded Video (view basis)
  • Certification of Participation
  • E-book of Practical Question & Answers
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Benefits of this course

  • Detailed Understanding of Works Contract provisions under GST with Practical Case Studies
  • In-depth discussion of implication of GST in Real Estate (including Joint Development Agreements - JDA)
  • Linkage with Relevant Income Tax Provisions & ICDS references
  • Divergent Judgements and Case studies from different Advance Ruling Authorities / High Court / Supreme Court
  • Includes all recent amendments and changes
  • Exclusive Session for Question and Answers (Q&A)

Detailed Agenda

Session 1: Concept of Works Contract along with ITC Provisions

16th August 2020 (Sunday)
  • Basics Aspects
    • What is Works Contract?
    • Works Contract - Whether supply of goods or services
    • Immovable Property - A Maze
    • Registration Provisions and Rate of Tax applicable on works contract
  • Critical Analysis on Input Tax Credit (ITC) Provisions related to Works Contract
  • Composite Supply & Works Contract - Differentiation
    • Composite Supply vis-à-vis Works Contract
    • Important Rulings related to classification under works contract or services

Session 2: Works Contract - Place, Time & Value of Supply and Important Judgements

22nd August 2020 (Saturday)
  • Place of Supply and Time of Supply provisions
  • Valuation provisions
  • Analysis of Important High Court and Supreme Court Judgements (Works Contract)
  • Linkage of Income Tax Provisions ICDS -III

Session 3: GST Implications on Real Estate

23rd August 2020 (Sunday)
  • Real Estate vs. Works Contract
  • Applicability of Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) in Real Estate
  • ITC Reversal (Covering Rule 42 & 43 with Practical Examples)
  • Discussion on revised scheme of Taxation for Real Estate after 1st April 2019
  • Taxability before and after 31st March 2019
  • Analysis of relevant Notifications: 03/2019 - CT (Rate) to 07/2019 – CT (Rate)
  • Practical Examples on Taxability of Ongoing Project
  • Analysis of Important High Court and Supreme Court Judgements (Real Estate)
  • FAQ’s released by government & discussion on other issues

Session 4: Joint Development Agreement (JDA) & Linkage with Income Tax Provisions

29th August 2020 (Saturday)
  • Taxability of Joint Development Agreements
  • Sale of Land & Developed Plots & their Taxability
  • Introduction to TDR/FSI/Long Term Lease Premium
  • Rates & Exemptions
  • Relevant Case Laws
  • Provisions relating Time and Value of Supply Provisions governing TDR/ JDA
  • Linkage with Income Tax Provisions: Sec. 45(5A) & Sec. 45(2) Capital Gain vis a vis Sec. 28(via) Business Income

Session 5: Question & Answers (Q&A)

30th August 2020 (Saturday)

Who should enroll for this Course?

  • Tax Advocates, GST Practitioners, GST Consultants, Accountants
  • Chartered Accountants (CA) in Practice
  • Chartered Accountants (CA) in Service
  • CMA / CS / CWA Professionals
  • CFO’s
  • B. Com / M. Com graduates who want to get expert level knowledge in Works Contract under GST & Implications of GST in Real Estate
  • CA Students who wants to learn Works Contracts under GST & Implications of GST in Real Estate
  • Any officer of the Commercial Tax Department of any State Government or of the CBEC

Eminent Speaker & Faculty

  • CA. Aanchal Kapoor is a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) and is practicing for past 10+ years in the field of direct and indirect taxes including Appellate work.
  • She has authored many articles on GST, published in various journals like AIFTP, Tax Management India, etc.
  • With special focus on GST she has done extensive study on the subject with many certified courses and GST is one of her core competency areas.
  • Since inception of her academics, she has been placed in the merit list at various levels as a rank holder in CA and Gold medalist in graduation.
  • In pursuing her professional career in GST, she is practically into this field and has delivered various seminars on GST all over India, including Punjab, Delhi and Maharashtra